Posted by: nierluap | September 2, 2011

Why I Do it again and again and again

Today I received a telephone call that a man I had dinner with on my ride was diagnosed with a lymphoma. Unbelievable. Two days ago my website closed to donations and the final total was $33,847. I thank everyone for their support and contributions. When I finished I knew that sometime in the future I would do another ride and then when I received the news tonight it confirmed the need for us to be able to say, I know someone who had a lymphoma, but no big deal because we have a cure for it. On a personal level when I finished I knew I was in the best physical AND mental shape of my life. Things were clear. Being back for 2 1/2 weeks I have gone on many rides on my road bike which feels like a piece of cotton candy compared to my steel touring bike and have maintained my weight loss for which I am happy. Being back in the real world has been an adjustment, although I have worked 7 days that I thought I would be off I loved it. I still like practicing medicine, but am embarrassed at the business practice and lack of ethics in the corporate practice of medicine. I heard today of 2 anesthesiologists in a very small town being displaced by a corporate entity, for what? I received a call from a nurse anesthetist in the midwest about a so called management company taking over a 2 person practice in a small town and displacing people, for what? This is what I have returned to see and the world of medicine wonders why the government and the public say we need health care reform. Greed has consumed the practice of medicine and it is nothing but ugly. Why has this happened? To quote one of my former partners, ‘Whenever they say its not about money, ITS ABOUT MONEY” I loved my summer and how it made me feel. I really don’t like what has happened with advent of the corporate practice of medicine. Sorry but I need to keep writing, so maybe…



  1. I have digested your message. I hear you!
    Looking forward to hearing your further thoughts.

  2. Whenever they say it’s not about the money they are right, it’s not about the money…it’s about the amount.

  3. Sad but true it’s too much about the money when it should be about helping the person!

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