Posted by: nierluap | August 14, 2011


What am I going to do tomorrow. My legs, arms, tusch and neck get a well needed rest. I will go weigh myself to see if I lost weight, try for a massage, get a haircut (that’s fast), pay bills, go to the office. How unexciting. Today was not like any other day. Smoke was the 1st thing to deal with leaving James City, about 20 minutes into the ride it started to rain and did so for the next 2 hrs. Finally after leaving the Colonial Parkway, the rain began to subside, but worse, I had to deal with the shoulder on 17. As I passed WalMart I was almost hit by a pickup truck towing a huge trailer. Believe it or not once I reached the relative safety of Jefferson Avenue it got better. Pleasant ride to McDonalds on Mallory to meet Peter who shuttled me to Ocean View. However in Mickey D’s yes I met another person who was interested in what I was doing. She had a great job, driving around checking cell phone reception. Where was she this morning, none other than Jamestown, about 2 miles from where I was. Oh well. Riding down Shore Drive was more Hampton Roads cycling. Not good. As I approached Atlantic Avenue it started to pour, lightning and 30 mph winds in my face. Amazing that was how the Tahoe ride was, rain and rain. So what goes around comes around in reality. But as I got a few blocks from the Hilton, the rain stopped, the wind stopped and yep the sun came out. Very nice group of people, including Channel 3 news, Josh, Joanie, Hope, Elaine, Linda, Stephanie and so many more. What was also cool was all the people there who didn’t know me and they stood and applauded. The best high ever. You know I made my way to the ocean, made it official with the bike in the Atlantic and coast to coast was a reality. so many people to thank, so much more to say so tomorrow will be one more with final thoughts. I have to repeat it, just the best experience of my life except for March 27, 1979 and May 2, 1982.



  1. AWESOME! Savor the accomplishment.

  2. Earon and Kate must be smiling from ear to ear! What a great way to end.

  3. This should keep you high for at least a year.

    • it will for a really long time. See ya when I get to Detroit

  4. Way to go dr. It was great to see you and im glad you had such a great experience. Remember all the great sights and people u met along the way. Get some rest!!!!

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