Posted by: nierluap | August 13, 2011



Tonight I am again at a nice B&B, Flowerdue Manor in James City County, and thankful to be there after a full day. The owners were gracious to make me dinner as I was a later arrival. It turns out one of the guest for dinner also was in Fredricksburg yesterday, but she arrived via automobile, not 2 wheeled transportation. I feel remarkably well after enduring 4 thundershowers in which for 2 I was absolutely drenched, 2 I had shelter. This was my 1st time on the journey having to don the rain gear and I was still drenched. However that was nothing compared to dealing with the frustration of a road detour. Near Glendale Va, there was a detour sign. I along with multiple cars and their GPS’s went down this road. After awhile it didn’t seem right, so I went back to a nearby store and the owner assured me it would be ok. So idiot me goes back, sees a bridge completely out, then I tried to go through the woods only to see a full creek. Cut my leg, dragged my bike and somehow no tire puncture. Overall, an extra 8 miles, only to return and this time talk to a local woman who said, “Oh, all the bikers take that road “,as she pointed to a road about 100 feet away. Thank you very much and off I went. Many miles later as I crossed the Chickahominy bridge, the one I’m on in my profile picture, I swelled up with this enormous almost surreal feeling of what an accomplishment I have almost completed. So near to my home, but one more day. Tomorrow my ride will be plan B. It turns out the Great Dismal Swamp fire is causing air quality alerts, and Surry across the James and Suffolk are on alert. Thus I will ride to the Hampton Roads Bridge tunnel, put my bike on a car and go across Hampton Roads that way, and resume the ride in Oceanview. Turns out the Surry ferry crossing is 5 miles as is the HRBT, so I’m going across the same distance of water before I resume riding. From there the ride to VB will be ok, and VB has no air quality alert. My mileage at the end will be about 3700.



  1. WOW!! 110 is a long long day without all your drama. Clean your wounds good. ONE MORE DAY____CAN YOU BELIEVE IT. Enjoy the trot to the barn.

  2. WOW!! What a day and what a ride this has been for you!! what a lifetime journey and experience you have had for such a great cause!! I have loved reading your blogs everyday! You have seen so many parts of our country and met so many people along the way. I am so very proud to call you my Uncle!!
    Lots of love!

  3. Charlie and I are so very proud of YOU!!!!!!!! You have inspired us more than you know!!!!! Susan & Charlie

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