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It was good to get to and even better to get out of Alexandria. Legs felt tired right out of the chute, but the ride must go on. After passing Mt. Vernon the road goes through Ft. Belvoir, not sure why. This route fortunately has a lot of signage, bike route 1 and that’s good because the number of turns was a lot, so following the instructions was tedious. Stopped at BP for lunch and some college guys were handing out freebies, candy and water. We spoke a bit and next thing this guy wanted a picture with me. That felt good. Off I went and this route was very circuitous taking me into Fauquier county and the busiest 2 lane road of the entire trip. No shoulder, no apparent town where coming from or going but a near endless stream. By 545 I was finally approaching Fredricksburg, out of water, tired, no store for 40 miles, when in a parking lot I see a truck with an awning. It was called BEACH FRIES AND SO MUCH MORE. As I walked up thinking only of a beverage the woman in the truck and I struck up a conversation about my ride, literally 10 seconds and she says can I buy you dinner. Tired, hungry, thirsty, sweaty but, well yes I said. I had the Big Kahuna Grilled Chicken sandwich, easily the best I have ever eaten. The owners Eddie and Kim Crosslin were fabulous. They also wanted pictures, and this whole event sucked out all the stress of the day. I can’t explain how great this was, no pill or drink could even come close to making me feel that way. A few hours later after checking in at the Ramada I honored possibly my last dinner away from Williamsburg by going to the Waffle House, yes this IS America. 88 miles today taking me past 3500. 2 more days.



  1. The journey is almost at an end. Words can not describe how you are feeling. I know your nephews can not put into words how they feel about what you are doing to bring this horrible disease to an end. I will not be here this weekend, as Sierra was accepted into Drexel pre med progam. We are moving her in this weekend. You will be in my thoughts and prays and oh, yea Paul, it is GREAT to be able to call you a friend. Hope to see you soon, SAndi

  2. Sandi’s comment was much more important but I wonder if all that food you raved about on your trip would have tasted the same had you not been so hungry from the ride? Do me a favor—-never sell your bike but rather preserve it.

  3. Everyday I think I’ve heard the best stories but you keep telling more of them. So wish we were going to be at Virginia beach in person…you KNOW we are with you in spirit. I might have SPOT withdrawal next week! You are awesome!

  4. Yes, SPOT Withdrawal. Lisa and I decided that you should keep it after the ride so we can continue to stalk you whereabouts at all times!

  5. UP-well the journey has almost come to an end. I was there when you left from SD and that was a great experience for me. I cannot ever tell you how proud and lucky I am to have you as my Uncle. The people you have met and the places you have seen is something that I loved hearing about each and everyday. Its the little things in life that I have learned with this ride. Selflessness, joy, hardwork, just to name a few. In my entire life I know I will never meet a person who embodies the things that I wish to achieve that you have accomplished. And for that I thank you so very much……..You are the GREATEST!!!!

  6. UP, its the 13th of Aug and so much has happened over the past weeks. Pigeons and Statues! You are an amazing person to have thought of doing this ride, and an even more amazing one for doing it! There is a Dr. Seuss book entitled “Oh the Places You will Go”. I think in your case its more like oh the places you have been. We are so very proud to call you our Uncle, and of what you have accomplished. We will be thinking of you as we are at the camp bus for pick up tomorrow and celebrate your completion as we also celebrate Davids 16th bday! You did this to allow others to celebrate THEIR birthdays as well! There’s nothing left to say except, JOB WELL DONE! MAZEL TOV!

  7. well Paul,

    on behalf of my grandchildren, your great nieces and nephews you don’t hear much about, I only wish that for them, they never have to go through what their uncle Jay has or their cousin daniel has had to endure. But I hope in their lifetime they get to go through what you have just done in these three months. It will certainly make them better. smarter, more wordly and know what it means to give of the heart. On behalf of myself, Alvyn, Benjamin, alex, sydney and Samantha just know that there is a special place in this world for people like you and you have achieved a special spot there for yourself. It was my greatest pleasure to help in fundraising for this cause and today there is news of a new and sucessful treatment for Leukemia. It comes just as you finish this ride. Somebody up there really likes you.


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