Posted by: nierluap | August 11, 2011


Leaving the Jacob Rohrbach Inn in Sharpsburg I was eagerly anticipating my arrival in Virginia. I knew my port of entry would be the Whites Crossing Ferry that would get me on the road to Leesburg. To get there required more time on the C$O trail, where I entered around Harpers Ferry and rode down to Whites Crossing. To get to Harpers Ferry meant I would be on Harpers Ferry road, an incredible road of turns and climbs and for someone who has never been there I was almost in awe. Why have I never been there? The ferry to Va was a cable tow, something I never had experienced. Once in Leesburg on this cool day with low humidity, I got on the WOD trail which went all the way to Alexandria. I was impressed by the extensive trail network in Va and by the amazing number of riders on the trail. One thing however was apparent and that is the intensity on the faces of the bikers, males and females, the lack of eye contact anyone makes. One gets the distinct feeling that one must keep to themselves because you don’t know who could be a serial killer, or the next Mr. Giordano. Not one cyclist besides me ever used a hand signal to thank the cars who routinely stop to let you go. It’s so easy to use that TY hand signal. Very intense, especially noticeable after 9 weeks away from the big city ( except my Chicago weekend). We do have two countries and I like the country away from the big city. Why can’t I earn a living in Aspen? Anyway I’m in Alexandria, great dinner at a restaurant suggested by Nan Couleman- the Majestic Cafe. Tomorrow I simply want to get as far past Fredricksburg as possible. Today 83 miles.



  1. Interesting that some bikers can have attitudes too. Most bikers I come across are REALLY polite. Interesting. Once again enjoy the home stretch.

  2. As I said at dinner at DeeJay’s in Weirton, sometimes I just wish I could live in a simpler place and time. How about the Squash Festival in Grady (from Doc Hollywood)? Everyone is nice there!

  3. One of my work buddies left and got a job in Aspen.
    He loves it. The entire office goes skiing on their lunch break.


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