Posted by: nierluap | August 10, 2011


Today for the 1st time I rode a majority of the day with another cyclist. Mac, a retired government employee from Dale City who was riding the C&O trail alone. We met at the hotel in Cumberland. The 1st 44 miles were on the trail, definitely rougher than the GAP, but arrived in Little Orleans around 1. Turns out Bills Place is little Orleans. They were preparing for 3 days of bikers but fortunately we arrived prior to their arrival. A few miles later w


e joined the Western Maryland Rail Trail, paved, that goes for 23 miles through Hancock, Mac and parted ways in Hancock as he was staying there, a 60 mile ride. I went on the roads given to me by the bike shop in Cumberland and he certainly knew what he was doing as the roads were beautiful. Even though only 36 miles on the roads (day total 96), they were great roads, in fact as good as it gets. In Sharpsburg just one place to stay, the Jacob Rohrbach Inn. It is a very nice B&B, one I would return to without a bicycle. My room is a suite, very comfortable, breakfast in a.m. and a nice place after riding 96 miles. Tomorrow I get to Virginia, do you believe it? When I look at my bike I just think it’s cool that piece of steel brought me across the country. Hopefully I will get past Alexndria tomorrow. Tired.



  1. More than the piece of steel brought you across the country, your legs and heart were more important than the bike. Remember what Lance said…”it’s not about the bike”

  2. Today they announced a new military plane that travels 13,000.00 miles per hour. It would take you about 10 minutes to travel the distance you’ve covered thus far. Any idea which way is more rewarding? Any idea which way most of us who have been following your adventure would rather travel? Enjoy your home-stretch. Spade

    • Jeff

      I so look forward to hearing from you, and yes I know the answer. This trip has been beyond my expectations. When I come to Detroit we’ll talk.


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  3. Paul, not sure you’ll see this so late from your trip but as I’m planning my 2012 bike rides I remembered our brief encounter and thought I’d look for a trip report — since I forgot to get contact information. I just enjoyed reading your entire adventure and am really impressed.

    I enjoyed talking to you on the trail and confirmed with Alfonso at the White’s Ferry snack bar that you made it through ahead of me. Keep riding!

    Your Cumberland to Hancock Friend,

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