Posted by: nierluap | August 9, 2011


My day began at the Rockwood Trail B&B, awakening to a gentle rain, after surviving remarkeable well the large number of trains that go through this town. After 3 tries at B&B’s I finally found a really good one. Outstanding facility and breakfast, excellent company with the Shaynas family, and finally on the path around 1030, my latest start. 23 more miles of an uphill grade on the path softened by the rain until I reached the Eastern Continental Divide, with a big smile because this meant no more mountains to climb, hills yes but the Allegheny Mts were behind me. The next 20 miles were a beautiful downhill taking me into Cumberland and the land of Barry Dayton. It was obvious that the city is doing a revitilazation project and it is in downtown that the Allegheny Passage runs into the C&O Trail to Washington. I was pleased to get there safely as I was having some mechanical issues with my bike and right at the transition point was a bicycle shop. I talked with the owner about my chain issues and off I went for pizza and a smoothie while they worked on it. Fortunately only a minor problem that must have taken place when I fell in Pittsburg as the rack brackets loosened and one of the brackets was loose enough to be rubbing on the rear gears. I was fortunate the chain didn’t break. The bike was fixed and I asked him about places to stay 20-30 miles down the road, and there were none, thus I am at the Fairfield Inn in Cumberland. We then went over the C&aO Trail and he eased my mind because it is 180 miles to DC, but with his knowledge the trail was shortened using another trail and roads that should bring me to Northern Virginia south of Alexandria by Thursday evening. A little nervous about getting down to Fredricksburg but I checked out Adventure Cycling maps and received their suggested route so anticipating past Fredricksburg by Friday night, near Williamsburg by Saturday night and VB by Sunday. My route to VB will depend on the fire in the Dismal Swamp and which way the wind is blowing. A nice surprise for dinner tonight as the Shaynas family happened to be staying here also and we enjoyed a wonderful dinner at the Baltimore Street Grill. Shrimp etoufee, as good as in New Orleans, but the coup de gras was world class bread pudding, that was the best I have ever tasted. Tomorrow brings a ride close to 100 again, I think. Yikes I hope to be home by Sunday.



  1. Glad you stayed put and had good company tonight! And glad that B&B worked out. The guy sounded really great! We made it to Colorado…will check in tomorrow.

  2. Buttercup wishes you Godspeed through the Dismal Swamp.

  3. Hi Paul,

    You have really made progress. I didn’t realize you were heading up to the GAP. Someday, we need to do it. I’d be interested to know your C&O alternative. I’ve heard that it can be pretty bad if it is rainy. Hopefully, you’ve found the Adventure Cycling Route that runs down the coast. But you sure did miss those hills (and dogs) in Kentucky Maybe next time.

    We are on Nantucket with our folding bikes. Leave today to return to Boston, then tomorrow on Amtrak back to South Bend, and eventually to KC.

    CONGRATULATIONS !!! You are almost there. What a feeling of accomplishment. Do you think you will be able to sit down and relax?? But I bet you are going back to work, eh?
    Caroline & George

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