Posted by: nierluap | August 8, 2011

103 Miles!- Pittsburgh to Rockwood

Well today I rode the most miles ever for me. I got up early so as to beat the traffic on Lebanon Church Rd and fortunately I did. Breakfast was at the BP station in McKeesport, and then finally I reachEd the Great Allegheny Passage, aka GAP. My goal was this cute little town, but what I didn’t realize was it would be a 1.5% uphill grade. That translates to for every 10 miles you go you gain about 800 feet. There was an occasional downhill thrown in but this town is about the elevation of Seven Springs Ski Resort. The entire ride was along a river too complicated to spell, but we were always riding upstream. Many miles through Ohiopyle State Park, that many times resembled Colorado. Tons of people white water rafting, kayaking, bicycle riding and hiking. Very nice. About 80 miles in I went in to this town Confluence, and snacked on chocolate milk, gumm6 bears and a piece of banana cake with icing. Ate half the cake and then 30 minutes later the other half. After that piece I got a very intense stomach ache, riding the last 10 miles with it. Proceeded to get quite sick, no details. Went to a restaurant where a very nice lady made me a peanut butter and jelly, and soup which fortunately stayed down. Going back to the B&B there was a family staying there from Ann Arbor, parents and 3 boys bicycling the GAP. We talked for a long time. It was really nice to see a family doing this, 2 teen age boys and a 20 along with mom and dad. More chicken noodle soup and Gatorade and he I am. All in all a better day than yesterday. Hopefully y’all took yesterday’s comments and put them in perspective- that while it was a bad day, all in all every day on this journey is a good day. Sometimes not so good things happen, but aren’t catastrophic. Tomorrow I finish the GAP and get on the C&O trail on the way to Washington.



  1. Hey Paul – stay away from that carrot cake with icing! Sorry to hear about the belly buster! Wow – 103 miles! I’m impressed! You have made great progress and it’s commendable. Life in Utah is amazing! It will be hard to leave.

  2. Sounds like a full day. Less than a week left. Who will be at the finish line?

  3. Glad you had a better day!! OP is spectacular!!! Spent many a Saturday on the water….lots of great picnics! And that’s before “they” commercialized it…we had to take our own rafts/canoes. Have a great day today….

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