Posted by: nierluap | August 7, 2011


So guess, do you think there’s any chance I was the pigeon today? I had such high expectations for today. We all spent probably one hour checking out the trails and I was pretty comfortable of the following: Panhandle Trail out of WV to the Montour Trail in Pa to the Great Alleghany Passage south of McKeesport and go. The ride began in a light rain, and the 1st 6-7 miles of Panhandle were great, then it became an unimproved road, with rocks, bumps ruts and I’m thinking please not flat, get me out of here as the was nothing around. Finally in Bertha Pa a regular road and a few miles on that an improved trail a was there. Great conditions and the Montour Trail show up, going north instead of south, and in hindsight I should have done that since no trail south ever showed up. Now I have two droppings from the pigeon. Eastward I head and the trail was fast smooth and boom it ends, just outside of Carnegie Pa, a suburb of Pittsburgh. Goggle maps to the rescue and off I head to McKeesport, EXCEPT out of Carnegie going east I needed an elevator as it was straight up on a narrow road with lots of traffic. I finally make it to highway 51, 4 narrow lanes, no shoulder lots of traffic and no fun. Another pigeon just went by. At this point I decide to cut it short and take my losses so I take a left at Lebanon Church Rd and it was worse than 51, with a skinny busted up sidewalk. Up the hill there is a truck parked on the walk and as I try to get by, only 1/2 mile from the hotel the bike slides off the walk into a hole and down I go ending up with multiple abrasions; fortunately I fell away from the street or… Another pigeon. Today was one of those days where one has to dig dip, keep your wits about you and just get the job done, cut your losses and live to play another day. That’s why the fall ticked me off, because I had done all that, then the fall just added insult to injury. When I walk in the hotel the front desk guy says, boy you are brave to ride up that road, and I said or stupid. Only about 45 miles today. Tomorrow the Great Allegheny Trail awaits, and maybe I will be the pigeon.



  1. I sure hope the pigeon, it is not fun getting sh— on. I will be in Philly when you plan to arrive back. Sorry, but Sierra got into Drexel and we are going up this weekend to move her in. Dinnner date still stands, Lisa you and I I may enven bring Mike along, that is my Mike, LOL as he has followed your adventures also.

  2. Aaaah Paul!! I’m so sorry you had a bad day in my home state!! I hope tomorrow is better!! The rain about 100 miles east of you was horrendous….almost blinding at times…I think the bad weather was to clear out later today. Ride safe tomorrow!! When you pass Ohio Pyle, skip a rock for me… is the location of many, many great childhood memories… Please know you are in our safe.

  3. I know you don’t want to hear it, but some people will read the contents of your pigeon day and say ” he should be so grateful.” Grateful he didn’t get hurt and grateful he only had one or just a few of those days. As I look back on your day, I am so grateful for it. I don’t blame you for thinking I am full of it since I didn’t go through it.

  4. Were those DeeJays ribs in Weirton, WV? Those are the best things to come out of Weirton. That is where we lived for 3 years when I trained in Pittsburgh. I could have gotten you a meal there too. Loved the welcome to WV sign… thanks. Still think you might want to stay on C&O canal from Cumberland. Check out the Rivers Edge Cafe when you come through Confluence PA 12 miles from Ohiopyle State Park.

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