Posted by: nierluap | August 6, 2011

West Virginia


The title makes me sound so close to home, but I am in the upper NW corner of WV and in 30 miles I’ll be in Pennsylvania. A lot of stuff today. 1st and foremost I was fueled knowing that I would see Lisa and Kenny, but lo and behold when I arrived at the hotel I was surprised by the presence of my nephew Joey and grandnephew Jimmy, who while I knew were visiting Erie didn’t expect them here. Before I get to family let me tell you about my eventful day on the bike which today made me look like a vagabond with my undried laundry on the outside of my bags. The 1st half of the ride I experienced the hills of Appalachia as this part of Ohio was full of steeps and curves. US 22 was the highway and definetly a keeper for the cyclist. One bad thing did occur on the road and that was a dog that was chasing me was hit by a truck. I did not stop but this was a good example of what can happen. This house visible from afar was at the top of a climb, and only 25 feet from the road. 2 large dogs bolted towards me, unleashed and not looking like they liked me. I tried to outrun them and as the owner screamed I heard a thud. I didn’t think it was a good idea to stop, so although I felt terrible this is what happens close to the road when dogs aren’t restrained. Felt bad. At lunch McDonalds in Cadiz where the Clark Gable Museum is, I dined on an excellent grilled chicken sandwich and whole grain bun (for you Jeff) and talked with a bunch of guys who were blown away by my ride. Off I went towards Steubenville on this beautiful 4 lane divided highway. While this highway was great for me, the next 15 miles were an example of waste of money by our government as simply no need for this 4 lane road as population not big enough, still I thank them for building it. The last 5 miles of US 22 into Steubenville were downhill and then I felt like I was on the John Lodge Expressway in Detroit. Debris, glass, stones, ruts and fast cars. No other way to cross the river except this way, so carefully I made my way into West Virginia and up to exit 4, straight up I might add, on simply the worst shoulder; marred by road separation and holes (are you listeining Barry Dayton?) I arrived at the Fairfield Inn to my family. Last time I saw Jimmy he was at least 1 foot shorter, everyone looked good. Great comfort food dinner, ribs as good as they get, chocolate cake, yum. Tomorrow I start on the Panhandle Trail to Allegheny Passge. Still anticipating an Aug 14th arrival. 75 more miles today.



  1. Hi! Zoo very glad you were with almost everyone ! Sorry we could not be there as David returns into Newark tomorrow from his 6 weeks cross country trip…not on bike however. I am sure seeing family will he.p keep you going as you Re so close to the finish line. We are so very proud of all you have accomplished so far. It and you are simply amazing! Who needs Forest Gump when we have an Uncle Paul! Ride Paul, ride! Be well! What’s the plans for the road ahead?

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