Posted by: nierluap | August 5, 2011


Bet you have no idea what that is. Well neither DID I until I arrived in Cambridge Ohio and there was no deal on any hotel. This city about 40 miles west of Steve Marks hometown of Wheeling WV is hosting this giveaway and outdoor expo making hotel rooms at a premium. getting here from Columbus was rather uneventful except for after lunch in Zanesville, 1st there was detour getting over a bridge in downtown because they were setting up for a weekend fair, except what seems to be common in Ohio, there were no signs for the detour so I ended up walking the bike through the booths. Finding US 40 I ran into 2 steeps getting out of town and began to think this is the start of Appalachia so get used to it. Fortunately it wasn’t all that bad, and in fact the road had miles and miles of bicycle lanes. Cambridge has a historic district that you get to first, and in all my riding I can say unequivocally the worst roads I have ever seen. Every parking lane was dirt, rocks and holes. Anyway tomorrow off to Weirton WV, across the river from Stuebenville. I will be meeting my niece Lisa and husband Kenny, parents of Daniel there. They live in Erie, about 1 1/2 hrs away. As I said yesterday things happen for a reason. I was initially going to meet Lisa Sunday night in McKeesport, but I’m going a little faster. Well lo and behold it turns out there is a bicycle trail from Weirton to the Great Allegheny Passage, the route from Pittsburgh to Wasington. So because we are meeting in WV, I found this trail, yes!! Today 72. Miles and tomorrow I go past 3000.



  1. Wife wants you to pick up some glass in famous Stuebenbville.

  2. That’s great you’re gonna see Lisa and Kenny 🙂 We just got back from Lake Tahoe. A lot of bikers, every time we passed one all decked out in their biking gear i thought of you and what a amazing thing you’re doing! And what a lifetime experience this is! Once again yo rock Uncle Paul!! Ride safe!

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