Posted by: nierluap | August 4, 2011



Today was quite a day. It took me 35 minutes to get out of Xenia as the big map at Xenia Station where there is a confluence of bike trails was mis marked, along with the sign for the trail I was looking being hidden in the trees. Finally I found it, and on the road. A brief stop in Cedarville for coffee, brownie and conversation with a cycling couple; which is the best part of the trip- meeting people. 40 miles of riding on the Cincinnati to Erie bike trail, (although only complete to south of Columbus) and I arrived at my lunch spot, a smoke infested bar for what else but a cheeseburger and a coke. Nothing else on the menu. My next battle was to find a way around the gigantic city of Columbus, it really is big. From lunch which was only a few miles out of Columbus to the end of the day I rode 40 more miles for a total of 80 today. As I have said before things happen for a reason. When I surprised my son in Chicago my blackberry broke so I got a new iPhone. What a good weekend, for if I didn’t have the google maps app from the phone which was bad on the other I would be in big trouble. Anyway I stopped at a Marathon station for beverage later and there I met Marathon Martha ( see picture) who had a tattoo signifying Hodgkins survivor, which her son is, for over two years. We chatted for a while and THIS MAKES ME UNDERSTAND WHY I AM DOING THIS RIDE, THANK YOU FROM MARTHA! I thanked her in return because sometimes when I’m down I need this stuff. Off I went and with the help of Lisa and Joey I made my way through the morass of Columbus to the Days Inn in an eastern suburb. Tomorrow I head out on my way to Stuebenville Ohio to meet Lisa and Kenny. Tomorrow I will tell you another one of the things happen for a reason. Total mileage is over 2900! I am anticipating an August 14 arrival at home.



  1. You give off good kharma,you get back good kharma. Your trip is all about the “the right stuff”.

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