Posted by: nierluap | August 4, 2011

Harrison to Xenia

Well yesterday was long and I was simply too pooped to participate, aka to write. For the 1st time I got delayed by rain as a huge thunderstorm arrived in the morning in SW Ohio with wind lightning and rain, thus I didn’t get started until after 930. Making my way from the west side of suburban Cincinnati to a far east suburb Loveland. It turns there is another rails to trails here that eventually will go from Cinci to Erie. For now it goes to a town short of Columbus. It is the Little Miami Trail and goes along the river, this time asphalt and smooth plus no cars. Why can’t Virginia get with the picture and finish the cap to cap trail as it would be so good for tourism and the citizens of Va. Unfortunately I didn’t arrive in Xenia until about 645 pm so shower, gourmet dinner at Big Boy and a thorough search of the maps for my route. It was another 77 mile day. As I write this I am watching the news, ground turkey recall and salmonella- my lunch yesterday hopefully without the salmonella, next busting an Internet child porno site that when you hear the details you wonder how do people get so *^%<{¥ up. They almost make Nancy Pelosi look good. Biggest decision today is should I go to Dublin, Ohio and watch this weeks golf tournament in which Tiger Woods returns. I may go there today and watch tomorrow, not sure because Columbus is large, but it might be fun. That's all folks.


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