Posted by: nierluap | August 2, 2011

Yes I’m in OHIO!

Never thought I would be happy to be in Ohio, land of the Broumans, Tuckers, Blumenthals, and the #1 party school in the country, Ohio University. Ohio is the only state where as many Presidents were born as Virginia. Lots of stuff from here but most importantly I am now here and the next state will be Pennsylvania. The ride today is another story. I chose a scenic route away from the river because I was hoping for less traffic. Well I did get that BUT I rode first on Indiana 62, then Frienship road followed by Dearborn Rd to Ohio and those 3 roads had the steepest roads I ever ever rode. There were places where there were 12-14% grades. Frienship road was anything as the beginning was close to 14% up. Often I was chugging along at 3mph. At one point I had to stop about 100 feet from the top, and when I tried to pedal the slope was so steep I couldn’t get going soon enough and actually walked up the last 100 feet and that has NEVER happened to me. Indiana who would have thunk it. I was so happy to see the Comfort Inn in Harrison, a suburb of Cincinnati. Tonight I had my 1st dinner at a Cracker Barrel and it was surprisingly good. No rednecks today, just a bunch of nice people wherever I stopped. Tomorrow I head to Xenia and beyond. There is this trail called the Little Miami Trail(google it), it’s about 80 miles long, just bikes. Today another 75, hopefully a few easier days coming up.



  1. I’ll never forgive the State of Ohio—my mother in law is from there. That”s why they call the hills you climbed the “mother in law hills” Spade.

  2. Daniel began chanting ” worst state ever….” when I told him where you were. Can’t wait to see you…hope today is flat.

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