Posted by: nierluap | August 1, 2011

Madison Indiana, not Wisconsin

After 3 full days of R&R it was back on the road again. Lo and behold it was hot BUT much less humid. The first town I arrived in was Paoli and if you look at my pictures you will see a spectacular court house for a very small town. State road 56 was the route the whole way and nothing too exciting, a horse and carriage on the road, 2 snakes, tntc raccoons and not much else until a Burger King about 20 miles from Madison. I felt like I walked into red neck city. It was a little spooky all toped off by a 20 something guy with a wife beater shirt and several tattoos. On his leg was an Islamic temple and next to it was the swastika. Yep he was a real winner. Arriving in Madison I was treated to what has to be the 3 largest smokestacks on the planet. There are 3 of them at least 500 feet high, see my pictures. The power plant where they are is on the Ohio River in, yes you guessed it, a beautiful setting on the river. The town of Madison’s historic district is on the national historic register. Only 13,000 live here but the downtown looks like more with many bars, restaurants and shops. Probably as clean a street as you will ever see. The homes are very reminiscent of the Fan in Richmond. Another one of those nice unknown places in Los Estados Unidos. I spent a long time trying to figure out where to tomorrow and it appears Harrison Ohio is next, a suburb of Cincinnati. Today 75 miles, moving me to 2675. arrival in Va, somewhere near Aug 14.




  1. You have acquired the sharpest eye site on your journey through the USA. Every detail you describe brings vivid imagery. Stay away from the good ol boys with tatoos. Spade

  2. Glad you are having the adventure you imagined. Have surely enjoyed following your progress. All has been calm, yet unusually hot, very hot, and quite humid. No news from your home next door – seems very quiet. Did not know the dogs are not 100%. They do bark as we go in or out as usual so they must be moving around. Our grandkids like to see them in the window. We have been to DC and NYC and will again – visiting with friends – and concerts and plays. Went to the International spy museum last weekend which we enjoyed. Also Mets played Nationals – a reason to go to DC. Will go again before summer ends. Be safe. Katharine

  3. love this picture!

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