Posted by: nierluap | July 31, 2011


If I transported you to the Pete Dye golf course here in French Lick and didn’t tell you where you were you would have no chance of correctly guessing. Perched on a hilltop, the 2nd highest location in Indiana, you might guess, New England or Colorado, NOT INDIANA. The countryside is rolling, trees and the clouds in the morning were in the valleys. This is another one of those places in the USA that fall into the hidden gem category. The golf course is beautiful, exceptionally difficult and if I played it every day I would probably try to become a professional bicycle rider instead, too tough. I am however loving my weekend here. After 50 days on the road, 40 days of riding it has been great to be here with the boys + Nanci. Bagels and lox for breakfast, golf, followed by my 1st hot stone massage, which was wonderful, vodka, bourbon, dinner and then an incredibly hot craps table. Unfortunately Norm Rosen (LB


too) wasn’t here, for if he was …. Never saw anyone roll the dice so long. West Baden Springs Hotel being very hospitable including a nice “super saver” rate for tonight so a full day here then early on the road tomorrow to Madisonphotos finally heard my dogs are having trouble at home, so Spencer and Lucy be good for 17 more days.


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