Posted by: nierluap | July 28, 2011


Dateline French Lick Resort:

So I knew it would be cold in there but just didn’t feel right taking a jacket and in return back I’m back in the room. I tried to sit out on the beautiful grand ole porch, but the smoking public violated the non-smoking section making it intolerable. Smokers- even Michael Douglas was caught with a cigarette despite his battle with throat cancer. Think about it, the government says they care about preventive medicine yet we still sell cigarettes for affordable prices, oh yeah how about we legalize marijuana for “medicinal” reasons, but it is illegal to grow; ok enough politics. Just a nice short ride today-33 miles, but I was foiled in Jasper by a closed bicycle shop, yep closed on a Thursday! So I rode with my way out of balance front tire and hopefully it was taken care of here. Many thanks to Tessa in public relations at the French Lick Resort who after learning about what I’m doing comped my 1st night here at this very classy resort. This leads me to say it again that there is so much to see in our country that it would be great if people would visit things here as opposed to going elsewhere before seeing what we have. This place in southern Indiana is terrific. I await the arrival of my Detroit friends, (well Ray used to be a Detroiter). We have two rounds of golf scheduled, casino time, food and fun. For those in Detroit I heard about the passing of Stuart Freedman today, pancreatic cancer. That makes two in the past month, and that sucks. I always liked Stuart, nothing more to say. Don’t mean to be depressing, but in it’s strange way it makes me realize how important each and every day is and sometimes we ALL forget that.



  1. UP actually unfortunately it is 3. Don’t know if you heard but Jackie Menuck passed away about 2 weeks ago from ovarian cancer. Just thought I would let you know. Randy

  2. amen!

  3. Amen Paul sorry to hear about your recent friends loss, two in past month wow. anyway enjoy relax a well deserved break. Amen also to seeing our beautiful country first

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