Posted by: nierluap | July 27, 2011


Well I didn’t realize when I crossed into Indiana that I was in the eastern time zone, but that is fantastic. There may be an end to my love affair with the bike seat? Well today was work, but there were some local heroes. Just before reaching the border town of Mt.Carmel, Illinois I had a flat tire. Heat index 100 and a flat tire. I was near some homes and got in the shade at a house. After a few minutes this nice gentleman came out and asked if he could help me. BTW, prior to that a nice woman stopped and asked if she could drive me somewhere, unfortunately no bike shop within 60 miles. I was so fortunate that this man with much stronger hands than I have helped me and after 30 minutes, off I go. While putting the bike back together 2 more women stopped and asked if there was anything they could do. 4 people in 30 minutes, wow! Lunch in town followed,and into Indiana, with beautiful albeit very busy roads. I was hoping at the 63 mile mark to stay, but the motel just looked bad, so I rode to Huntingsburg, through the rolling tree filled countryside of Southern Indiana. Staying at the Quality Inn, no reservation, only suites left but they were kind and gave it me for the regular room price. I have a jacuzzi in my room, shaped like a heart of all things. Nice pool, jacuzzi outdoors awaited me. Guess what no restaurants around BUT this place has a Mexican Restaurant. How I have missed that type of food. So after a hot shower and the previously mention water activities, the restaurant had my name on it. Margarita, pepsi, water, Mexican steak, rice and a full belly- finally. I felt pretty wiped out after 86 miles in the heat, humidity and hills, but only 28 miles to the French Lick Resort. 3 days of luxury await. Michael, Nancy and Ray get there Friday, will be a good weekend.



  1. Paul…2 more women stopped and asked if there was anything they could do? I know what Spade would say, and I echo the same (even though I don’t know what he’d say or said). I would have let the “nice gentleman” with the “stronger hands” then yours fix the bike and gone with the women!


  2. Neil, your on the same page as me. Take a massage at French Lick Paul and sit on some soft cushions. Have fun. Spade

  3. Hey! What part of Indiana are you riding through? If you’re anywhere near Berne, their annual Swiss Days festival is this weekend, 29-30. Swiss/German food, polka music, lots of Swiss heritage stuff. Fun times! 🙂

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