Posted by: nierluap | July 26, 2011


ThIs refers to my lucky road selection for today, for I couldn’t have done better if I lived here, good roads, shoulders and many hills, yes in Illinois. I did learn why my legs were so tired yesterday, simply not enough air in tires and I was fortunate to find a rare bike shop to get air, and amazing how much easier it became. I have been asked many times, “What do you think about while riding all day?” So today here comes a small portion. Sometimes I play music in my head, after July 4 I heard lots of John Phillips Sousa, when I’m down- sesame street/ Streisand Sing a Song, sometimes about politics like the debt or how much time we waste thinking gay marriage or abortions are political as opposed to moral choices. At times I think about stuff like why do we sell cars with tinted windows? Or why do we allow glass beer bottles to be sold for take out when so many end up being thrown out the car window, we should just sell cans to go. How about pick up trucks, why do they seem to make the loudest noise from their exhaust system, what is that guys seem to like about that? Currently one of my favorites is what do 20 something year old guys get out of screaming stupid stuff out the window at cyclists, is it macho? Yesterday I was thinking about Jimmy Buffet and the interview on NPR the day before. 40 years he’s been around, one of the only authors to have number 1 best seller on NYT list for fiction and non- fiction, never won a Grammy or had number 1 hit, and despite all that is supersonically successful and a good guy. Occasionally in moments of weakness I even think about the debacle that occurred last year, and then I get a hold of myself and remember without that stuff I wouldn’t be on this ride, and I say thank you.



  1. Interesting thoughts but that’s not what I’d be thinking about during the day if you know what I mean. Spade

  2. I’m enjoying your musings. Pick-ups are one of my pet peeves (and the guys who drive ‘me).

    Someday, I’d like to hear your Illinois route. And I’ll warn you that it is hilly in southern Indiana too! If you can get down near Madison, Indiana, it’s a neat place.

    We take Amtrak to Chicago on Friday with our folding bikes and on to Boston for some meetings and then a week with the bikes on Cape Cod.

    Keep on crankin!

  3. Paul…you are the Charles Kuralt of the back roads’ bike trails


    • That is the best compliment you could give me

  4. Paul, It’s great following you across the country. I love how you just write what your thinking. Loved the Theodore Roosevelt quote, a lot of truth. I too am glad you don’t practice anesthesia like you misplace/lose things on the road, no one would ever request you huh? 31 years is a few, I only have 15 more to go. Keep up your blog and love the pictures too. Barry

  5. I was amazed at what you wrote about Jimmy Buffet. I went to see him in May in Va Beach at the amphitheater and it was crazy! The lawn was standing room only, it was that packed….I’ve never seen it like that. It seems IMPOSSIBLE to me that he’s never had a number 1 hit as EVERYONE there seemed to know every word to every song! Kinda blows my mind!

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