Posted by: nierluap | July 25, 2011


Long day today, 86 miles, very hot. Finished up the Katy Trail in Munchen, MO, except unlike the rest of the trail, it was unmarked and if I hadn’t looked at the map first I would have been in trouble. Leaving Missouri there were lots of thoughts about Missouri, bad roads, good trail, lots of wineries, huge bluffs, muddy rivers, all culminating with several obnoxious 20 something’s at the restaurant last night. Crossing the Mississippi River, I was greeted with a 10 foot shoulder, beautiful bike trails, and roads with shoulders. Drivers seemed polite and by all impressions this was going to be OK. I lucked upon a beautiful bike trail taking me into Edwardsville for lunch at mile 44. I ate lunch at the healthiest place I have come across. Turkey burger, grilled pineapple, grilled green peppers, teriyaki sauce and ciabatta bread, fruit and yogurt side and yum yum. After filling up with water and getting my bike ready the waitresses came outside, Katie and Becka and wanted a picture with me to give the owner for hopefully a donation. I felt like a rock star, and hopefully they will email the picture so y’all can see it. Yes, Jeff a healthy lunch! And…Off I went on the way to Carlyle, my next stop. About 17 miles from there I stopped for more cold drink and realized I was behind. I proceeded to down 40 ounces of Gatorade in about 90 seconds, followed by another 40 ounces over the next hour. For the day I drank about 3 gallons and still not enough. An interesting finding was after 200+ miles on the crushed limestone when back on the pavement i was able to ride about 3-4 mph faster, than on the trail. That felt good because while in a car that difference is meaningless on a bike that is 25-30% faster, a huge number. Tomorrow not so many miles, and need more food.



  1. UP I bet u don’t miss all that Mexican food! What state is next? Illinois? Kentucky?

  2. Hope the Turkey Burger was on a whole wheat bun. You are absolutely right about mph. I just rode in Charlevoix and there is a big difference between 12 or 14.5 mph. How much water can you carry on your bike? Thanks for the interesting blog. Spade

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