Posted by: nierluap | July 24, 2011

Getting ready for the road


Leaving Chicago in the rain, but needing a picture, so Marilyn was perfect. Breakfast with Earon, he was pooped after the tough mudder race yesterday. Ah the big city, bagels and lox while he had fried matzoh. Ya don’t get that in Kansas! Tomorrow on the road again and hopefully my guardian angel Lisa, my 1st niece, the one with BIG birthday coming, will be hopefully following me on the SPOT. She has been so good, it gives me a sense of security. Thank you Lisa. On the road to St Louis, lots of rain and weird clouds, the Midwest. While in Chicago I did shop a little for the upcoming weekend and lo and behold I have lost at least 1 1/2 inches from my waist, that’s a good thing however. Somewhere between 31 and 32. That encouraged me for a healthy dinner of vegetable risotto and red wine, ok a small flour less chocolate tort too. Then back to the room to see the latest Curb your enthusiasm and now an old classic The War of the Roses. That’s all for tonight, short and sweet, just a quiet day.



  1. I’m on the SPOT for sure. Glad to hear it’s not too stalker-like. I love Chicago, too! Beware the Midwest storm clouds, but I’m also a weather junkie and today looks just hot (for a change) but not stormy. Stay safe and hydrated…whatever you’re doing is working so keep it up!

  2. Great episode of Curb! Should keep you laughing just thinking about it while riding. Ever played in a 5-man team game?

  3. Did you collaborate with the writers of The War Of The Roses? Get back on your bike and quit having a good time in the urban life style. Remember you are on a man’s trip.

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