Posted by: nierluap | July 23, 2011


OK, so only a few knew I was coming here to surprise my son Earon. I rented a car in St Louis and wanted to show up to his show at 2nd City in Chicago. He is one of the writers of the show, Tales From the Friend Zone, that was on every Friday night here. Yes he was surprised. Since I am not due in French Lick until 7/29, I had the time to come to this great town. Today included visits to Verizon, the Apple Store, AAA, Nordstrom Rack, a great dinner at Hugos Frog, drinks at Adobo. When I said I was crossing the Mississippi today I neglected to tell you I was in a car, but technically I was correct. Back to St Louis on Sunday, and on the road Monday. I must say I was quite impressed and very proud that Earon was one of the writers. For a nuke from the Naval Academy to end up in the premier comedy place in the country, starting place of Tina Fey and John Candy, is really quite cool. For those of you on Facebook if you look at my page you will see a picture of Ellie my granddaughter from my other child Kate. When not being a mom Kate is a school counselor in York County, and I am equally proud of her. It was Kate and Peter who gave me the SPOT, the GPS locator for me that I carry so people can follow me and know where I am. Tomorrow just a fun day in Chicago.



  1. Talk more about Earon’s reaction after seeing you in the audience. Now this is truly a beautiful family story. Kudos to you for making the effort to surprise your son. Knock yourself out in Chicago. Eat drink shop and be merry.
    This adventure gives me goose bumps. Spade

    • Well, everyone he was his typical dead pan self. I walked up to the box office to get ticket and SD I was leaving he was sitting at a table, stood up and said, “what are you doing here?”, I thought he knew but he did not really know I was coming up. We talked , had a drink, show a little more chit chat and night night. He’s on his way to Wisconsin for some kind of race. Some places in Chicago had 6 inches of rain last night!!!

  2. Like the everready Bunny… you just keep on going Paul…and surprising! Really great that you got to see Earon. My son’s name is Ehren… and it too is not so often that we see him since he is in Vancouver doing good things. Truly a good day for you and fam..

  3. I completely agree with “spade”… Tell more. And we all wish we were right there with you.

  4. I am sitting here with Michael who just came back from a great at Camp Tanuga. We both read the last two articles and I am also very proud of Earon. I do not know if we can make French Lick, because of Arline being able to drive for seven hours, but we’ll see. Michael is typing this and he also wants to say hi, “hi”. Jacobs baseball team won the Birmingham District championship, and his team is now in the states and they won there first game yesterday. Good luck and keep on biking.

    From, Michael and Allan

  5. Well UP, Scott and I are in Portsmouth, NH for the weekend. We had visiting day at camp. Was able to have dinner with Jacob on Friday night as he had a night off. He is a counselor up at his old camp, a lifeguard, and Allison is still a camper. They are both great, and wishing you well. It was the hottest visiting day we have had in the past 9years! 103 degrees in New Hampshire! Cannot imagine how you are riding in this extreme heat! You truly are amazing! David is out west on teen tour. Glad you saw Earon too! BTW, David has decided that if his career choice of aeronautical engineering doesn’t work out, he is gonna be a stand up comic! Maybe Earon will be his writer!! LOL! Cousins. Be well and stay safe!—Barbie.

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