Posted by: nierluap | July 23, 2011


So for those who haven’t been here, you should. This place is alive, busy anything you want with a gentle Midwest touch. Surprising my son comes with it’s risks. Earon did a tough mudder race today in Wisconsin, so I didn’t see him and he did get wiped out, so breakfast tomorrow is next. Last night places in Chicago received up to 8 inches of rain- unbelievable! Today nice, as I simply walked around, visiting Verizon store twice before accepting my blackberry was toast. Now I have a new iPhone, so much better but at a cost. Pictures tomorrow from phone and the map application is so detailed it will help my ride immensely. A visit to the garmin store, btw the only one in the country, to get my heart rate monitor serviced, the Nordstrom sale and then relax relax. Dinner at McMormick and Schmick, and back to hotel. One amazing thing is the number of non- english speaking people here. I guess the country is not so bad since it appears most people would like to live here. I did meet a 3rd year med student from Milwaukee today, 41,000/year for school, holy shit! I can’t imagine….. Back to St Louis tomorrow, on the road Monday. Jeffrey- chopped salad, red wine and mussels, OK?



  1. How long can you keep it and still exchange it for the iphone5 which is rumored to debut next month? Sooner or later everyone realizes Apple is just better than the rest. Now we’ll get to see some good pics! Sounds like a nice couple day break – you deserve it and maybe you missed some heat.

  2. Hi Paul,
    G. and I take Amtrak to Chicago with our Dahon Folders on Friday. We will have to take the bikes off the train to transfer to the Lake Shore Ltd., so maybe we can take a little ride along the Lake Shore.

    Good news! It might be cooling off a little.

  3. Sorry I am out of town without a computer. Mussels,salad, and wine is such an intelligent choice. Agree—-Chicago is a great place.

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