Posted by: nierluap | July 21, 2011


Today was just one of those days. Started out with dropping my phone breaking the plastic case forcing me to put my phone in the back pocket of my shirt. (it will be relevant). Leaving Hermann I discovered the coolest temps in Missouri today would be on the Katy Trail because of the shade. What I didn’t know that because of the heat and humidity the trail through the trees and swamps would make my 1st 90 minutes like being in an Indiana Jones movie- SPIDER WEBS, riding through them, pulling them off me, yuck! Since my phone wasn’t able to be clipped to my waist, remember I broke the case, so I would stop and take out the phone to shoot pictures, lo and behold since my glasses were in the same shirt compartment, somehow I LOST MY GLASSES somewhere on the trail. My nephew Jay (one of my honorees for the ride, remember) will be making me a new pair and sending to me in French Lick. I did ride back 4 miles and never found them. So now I have lost my glasses, left two bathing suits in hotels, had my iPod and earphones stolen. It is a good thing I wasn’t such a loose gear doing anesthesia, for had I man there would have been malpractice cases ( none in 31 years!). So on I went, drinking gallons of fluids, lunch at the Augusta Brewery, yum, and finally arrived in St.Charles, a suburb of St. Louis. Turns out this is the original Capitol of Missouri. A very nice historic district, kind of a cross between Alexandria and New Orleans. Lots of bars, restaurants, brick streets, beautiful park, who would of thunk it. Dinner today with Kenny Chinsky’s sister who lives here, prefaced with a new pair of reading glasses, which for me are my distance glasses. Tomorrow I finally cross the Mississippi River. 72 miles today crossing the 2300 mile mark.



  1. Really pleasantly surprised you didn’t lose your broken phone too. If you traveled with Paul you would know that he and Mike Freedman cannot keep track of their possessions other than their jewels. I can’t believe you are riding in this heat. Michigan is on fire. Stay cool

    • The anal, retentive Spade is exactly correct, between Michael and I we lose enough stuff for a city. As for time on the bike, yesterday I was actually riding about 6hrs, 46 minutes and 17 seconds.

  2. Give us readers an idea of how many hours you are on the bike to cover 72 rather flat miles? No puffing now.

  3. Hi UP! So glad to hear you are enjoying some “home time” while in Missouri. We leave for New Hampshire for visiting Day at camp this weekend. Kids ask about you all the time! Friends son is going to Mizzou next year! Beautiful school, but HOT state! Hope the vinyards are great! Enjoy some R and R maybe this weekend! Stay safe AND hydrated!!! You’re amazing!!! Barbie

  4. Carpenter is pitching tonight, but unfortunately not at Busch,
    in Pittsburgh. Keep cool.


  5. Sorry heat is so brutal, but vibes on Katy probably better than Ozarks. Will you cross at Chain of Rocks Bridgef?

    • Lookingbto cross a t Alton, is that thevbridge?

  6. Sorry heat is so brutal, but vibes on Katy probably better than Ozarks. Will you cross at Chain of Rocks Bridgef?

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