Posted by: nierluap | July 20, 2011


While I sit after breakfast I thought I would do my 2/3 through the trip awards, (before the wineries open). Not in any logical order.

Best day- the one about to happen
Best roads- Kansas and Colorado
Worst roads- Missouri
Most flies- Missouri
Best drivers- Kansas and Colorado
Best hotel- Hotel Frederick, Boonesville, Missouri
Worst hotel- Williams Arizona ( forgot name )
Most overpriced Hotel/B&B- Kayenta Arizona,Westcliffe Co
Nicest person-Man from Phoenix who fixed my flat on I-10
Toughest moment- 1st 5 days in Kansas
Most unusual moment- eating grilled mutton on Navajo Res
Hospitality award- Stuart and Terry Bass, Pepper Family
Most rewarding moment- at the top of Monarch Summit> 11,000
toughest climb- 5 mile climb out of Congress Arizona
Most surprising (good) town- Westcliffe, Colorado
Most unfavorite comment- We have a great Mexican restaurant..
Best meal- Sunday night in Phoenix with Stuart and Terry
Best milkshake- Dairy cafe, Bluff Utah
Favorite comment- Bye sardine man
Best blogger commentator – SPADE
Scariest moment- 2 miles on state road 291 in Missouri
Highest speed- 38 mph Colorado
Slowest speed- 3.5 mph going up Monarch Pass
Biggest surprise- running into Lisa Rountree in Telluride
Town with most memories in short time- Congress Arizona, sardine man, antique dealer giving me dinosaur fossil, Vernors ginger ale in the Arizona desert convenience store, toughest clim out.



  1. Quite an impressive “best” list. Most pertinent however was Dairy Cafe, Bluff Utah. Did they use whole milk or half and half?

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