Posted by: nierluap | July 19, 2011


This little town on the Missouri River is another one of those towns one doesn’t hear about unless they live in Missouri. A town of German heritage, and home to 4 vineyards, a brewery, many attorneys offices and less than 5000 people. No chain motels and lots of B&B’s, and the longest continuously open tavern west of the Mississippi.I rode 80 miles on the Katy Trail today, and 3 more on pavement to Get here. Only a few eventful moments. #1, no food service for the 1st 55 miles. #2 I met a guy on a recumbent bicycle, retired from the post office who starts talking about politics, don’t ask me why but he says to me, “we gotta do something about those 2% who make money. We need more money” I think he meant I don’t want to lose my government funded pension. I simply said, I gotta go man. #3, in Portland, MO I met a couple from Hermann, we talked awhile and they recommended a place to me and here I am. Hermann Haus B&B, great deal and I will be here

img 20110719 00305

tomorrow to enjoy the wineries, brewery, antiques shops and more. Tomorrow will be my 2/3’s done awards, for everything from worst day to best accomplishments to best food and much more. Stayed tune for that. Approaching 2300 which means I am getting closer to home.



  1. As I said in my last comment——-you look like a pig in shi——
    Hope you are gathering lots of souvenirs along the way

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