Posted by: nierluap | July 18, 2011


My rest day turned out to be quite informative. Following morning breakfast and coffee at Starbucks I took a self guided tour of the Missouri University campus. Really pretty, big and I learned of a Virginia connection with the school. It turns out MU was the 1st land grant college from the Louisiana Purchase (1803), and west of the Mississippi. Thomas Jefferson was the President. So on the original quadrangle here is on bronze statue of TJ, and next to that is a stone obelisk donated by the friends of Jefferson, from Monticello. Also the original quad is a replica of Jefferson’s University of Virginia. At the entrance to the quad are stone lions from 15th century China donated to Mizzou along with stone column from Parliament in London, given by the news service Reuters, to the 1st journalism school- University of Missouri! Besides all this this school is home to the finest student recreation center. When you go inside you find basically an unbelievably plush health club, gyms, squash and racquetball, multiple pools including a 50 meter pool, workout rooms, smaller class rooms. I wanted to enroll here just to use the center. without question Columbia is an above average college town.however it did make me realize how nice Williamsburg is. Tomorrow I will try for an 80 mile day, to Hermann, home to multiple vineyards.

img 20110718 002921



  1. So glad you got to the rec center…I think I’d take a vacation there! Stay safe tomorrow…

  2. And can you name the very first land grant college in the U.S, opening as a state land-grant institution on February 12, 1855? And no, it wasn’t Highland Park CC.


  3. Sounds like your having a better time this summer than working. How about a wet sauna? Spade

  4. You know, the exact same TJ statue that you have in your picture, is also on Duke of Gloucester Street in Williamsburg….

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