Posted by: nierluap | July 17, 2011


I only rode 35 miles today to Columbia, home of the University of Missouri. After breakfast I watched the British Open until it was apparent Phil Mickelson wasn’t going to do it. So about 11 I departed, crossed the Missouri River and headed down the Katy Trail. About 10 miles in to it, the trail was closed because there was still some flooding from the Missouri. A couple miles later back on the route, lunch in cute Rocheport, and off. Now with the river on my right and the huge bluffs, some 200 feet high on my left, I headed down only to find completely blocking the trail a giant fallen tree. A parks guy was trying to clear it, but his chainsaw got stuck in the limb. He helped me through the tree and a few miles later I picked up the MKT trail to Columbia. This trail too was still flooded in one spot but fortunately an easy detour and soon I was in Columbia. About 90,000 people live in this college town and one of the students directed me to the Regency Hotel, which gave me a very nice price and it is here I will be for 2 days as tomorrow will be my 1st day off since July 4. Thanks to my guardian angel, niece Lisa I ate dinner at Shakespearre Pizza. Very crowded, very good. Can someone explain to me what is attractive about young guys wearing baggy shorts past the knee, oversized shirts below the waist and then trying to pick up nice looking women who are dressed so much better than they are? For women out there is that attire supposed to be macho?

img 20110717 00280



  1. Just concentrate on the trail ahead of you. The mating and dating habits of young boys and hot chicks are not your business doctor. Have a nice day off. Spade

  2. enjoy mizzou!

  3. Paul,
    The dress code thing goes back to the pre-schlepadic era in our planets history. This was a time in human evolution prior to women having the ability to speak. This was also before the printed word, so the females couldn’t communicate, other than by smiling. So when we smelled bad, or passed gas, or dressed like slobs, they could only smile and point to jewelry.
    As you know, evolution is not only physical, but also the result of cultural mores. Over the last 50,000 years, women have continued to accept bad taste and odors, associating such conditions with access to jewelry. You seem to have come across one of the more successful courting rituals. It has obviously worked quite succesfully for Norman and Neil.

    Let me know if you have other questions.


  4. Mike….GREAT answer!! That is hilarious! 🙂

  5. Paul, still keeping track of your trip, cultural inquiries and the humorous responses! Will your travels take you through Indiana? Anywhere near Indianapolis or Muncie? Keep up the good work!

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