Posted by: nierluap | July 16, 2011


One of my thoughts for the day was one that harkens back to my senior year in medical school. I did a 3 month rotation in Denmark and remember getting off the plane in Amsterdam and saying to myself, you are not home, you can’t just call it off, find a way to Copenhagen and take care of yourself. The realization 1st with the flat tire that I had to do it was a sobering thought. Another sobering thought was in the heat of the day, with an extra 10 miles to go, I had to finish, I had to find a place to stay. It makes one self reliant and is quite rewarding. Rewarded I was, when I got to Boonville I asked people where the motels were and they suggested as did my guardian angel, my niece, Lisa, to stay at the Frederick Hotel. Hotel was renovated 5 years ago and is fantastic. Easily the nicest place I have stayed since June 8. The manager Eric was fantastic, gave me a great deal, bought me a drink a because of the cause. Nice bar, real nice restaurant and just as nice people. While the hotel is on Missouri River, so is the Isle of Capri Casino, which I visited after dinner. Very nice, the town is a wonderful find, who would of thunk it? My 1st vodka martini since San Diego, and oh yeah a shower in a 12 foot high ceiling bathroom is one that pours on your head. Still much more but it must wait. Mileage today 70, tomorrow probably Columbia, home of Mizzou.



  1. I am reading this post in the comfort of my computer room trying to imagine how this all would have been experienced by me on a daily basis and I just can’t. Glad you are on the trail. Spade

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