Posted by: nierluap | July 15, 2011


Tonight I am staying in Warrinsburg, home to the University of Central Missouri, way different than Kansas. Once again I want to thank the Pepper family, including the 2 dogs, Maddy and Zoey. It was such a great break and so nice on their part. Unfortunately my ride today wasn’t as nice. First, a bridge was out so I had one detour, followed by 5 plus miles of heavy duty construction causing a slowdown, followed by another road closure that put me on a very busy 2 lane highway for a short time. Finally on a good bicycle road, dead into a 15 mph consistent headwind, I decided that 20 something year old guys can be such dicks. First a couple guys in a pickup truck go past me slow down then gun their diesel so they could produce exhaust. You wonder why…. Then at least some creativity as I was riding out of Holden Missouri, same age

oxford 20110715 00259

guy yells out ” take a plane”, at least that was funny. Tomorrow I will enter the Katy Trail which is a 230 mile long trail through Missouri without motorized vehicles. Lots of places to stay, eat and see. Google it if you’re still reading. I passed 2050 miles today. That pumps me up. Watching weather forecast and next 7 days in Missouri hot. Sunday heat index 110.



  1. This heat epidemic is scary. Be careful. The Katy Trail looks fabulous. You are on a Lewis and Clark Adventure. The Missouri River should be peaceful. Have fun. Spade

  2. Congrats on reaching the 2000 mark, thats FANTASTIC! Be safe……Jay and Tonya…….

  3. glad you are still pumped, will call you tomorrow, Allan

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