Posted by: nierluap | July 14, 2011


This probably is my last day in Kansas. In Overland Park, a nice suburb of Kansas City, I am fortunate to be staying with the Pepper family, close friends of my niece Lisa (Daniel’s mom). Unbelievably nice to host me, a home cooked meal, washing machine, a family to be with, life is good. I ended up here because I needed a bike shop and things just worked out. I bought a new rear tire, with close to 2000 miles the tread wasn’t going to make it. Prior to dinner i met up with Lin Judd, the former Linda Swankler (nurse at RRMC, formerly) who now lives in Kansas) quite a nice conversation and caught up with stuff. The ride here from Ottawa was particularly nice as the road out of town was as good as it was bad yesterday. Using a KC bicycle web site I did find some good roads, off the main highway, throug

marysville 20110714 00250

h a state park with a lake that certainly wasn’t typical of Kansas. Best people of the day were the whole Pepper family, Lin, and the bike shop people. Nothing unusual, nothing funky. Who knows what tomorrow will bring. Just 55 miles today. Tomorrow, I pass 2000 and get to Missouri.



  1. Hey Doc, Just want to let you know the whole Buon Amici crew is following your journey and we are just all in awe of how well you’ve done so far! Stay safe and take good care of yourself. I have a nice, big steak dinner waiting for you when you return! Denise

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