Posted by: nierluap | July 13, 2011

One more day in Kansas

Will Kansas ever end? Will the wind ever blow from the west again? 72 miles today, 100% into the wind. Council Grove to Ottawa was a grind, but if that makes mental toughness then I am tough. Today was also the 1st day off route, and except for the last 10 scary miles it was good. Started in the rolling Flint Hills and ended in the flats. The good news is I made it safely and the temps stayed in double digits. Pretty straightforward until Pomona at mile 60. Stopped to take a picture of Buzzards Pizza when a man about my age came out, asked me if I was going in for a beer and then we proceeded to talk for the next 20 minutes about many things. I learned he worked for Ford Motor Company supplier for 31 years, rather than coach in Dallas, about his kids and love of motorcycles. A good guy. An hour later I arrived in the very nice town of Ottawa. Great room at KnightsInn, dinner at the Sandbar, 80’s music, nice bar and food. Felt like I was back in a comfortable place. Grilled chicken salad, 2 beers and a margarita, oh I so needed that. Met a few guys, one named Tom, a semi driver from Milwaukee, doesn’t like the south, loves tacos and beer, 2 kids, yep we talked and talked. Two guys from the carnival, a couple from South Africa and good times. Tomorrow off to the suburbs of KC.

ottawa city 20110713 00249



  1. My Dad said,”Son, you can’t learn anything by talking only by listening.” Glad you are hearing and sharing with mid America. These are the people who make up our great country. What stories you’ll have. Glad Kansas is almost behind you. Spade

  2. I love to hear the commentary about all the FOLKS you are meeting!

  3. You will have great material for a book when you return. I especially enjoyed the Newton, KS experience. May the wind be at your back!
    Jimmer Noo

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