Posted by: nierluap | July 12, 2011

Tall Prairie Grass Day

township no 2 20110712 00238

Finally a day with the wind behind me for most of the 87 miles. The first part of the ride was 38 miles dead straight to Cassoday, the prairie chicken capital of the country. At this point I left my comfort zone, the adventure cycling maps I then turned north on K-177 and found totally different scenery as I rode through the tall prairie grass preserve. In many areas it reminded of Virginia, and in most it was rolling green countryside with tall grass, no power lines, no corn, no animals. Strikingly non-Kansas, but pretty. When I arrived in Council Grove it was 104, and I found a town that is on the national historic register. In the middle 1800’s before the railroads were built this was a key town on the Sante Fe Trail, the trail the wagon trains took to settle the west. Hays Restaurant here is the longest continuously running restaurant west of the Mississippi, operating since 1857. My hotel is a restored Victorian Mansion and there is a lot more. Yes there is a pizza hut, sonics and DQ. Yes I ate at a Mexican restaurant, again. Today no candidates for Springer, nothing unusual except the previously mentioned landscape. Lots of time for reflection today, lots of thoughts and ideas, for another day. Mileage 1837, getting close to 2000!


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