Posted by: nierluap | July 11, 2011


The picture below was on the road today. I love that mailbox. Yep, it is still hot. My intention was to ride another 80 today, but when I got here,around noon, it was 100 and rising. I decided the next 38 miles without any services was something I didn’t want to tackle in the heat, thus I am here. Lunch, followed by a trip to the post office to mail some stuff home, the bike shop, a root beer float and another Days Inn giving me a good deal and here I am. Now at the hotel a few interesting characters. I went out to the pool and this guy started talking to me. He was from Kansas, big smoker, cough and couldn’t believe he was just 46. Out comes his girlfriend, jumps in the pool, and she was higher than a kite, beer and more. She is yelling at this guy, loses her top in the pool, and just didn’t care. They were a good show. Went to dinner at the local gigantic truck stop, probably the biggest I have ever seen and return to find the same couple outside, she got back in her bathing suit, smoking, drinking and mega constricted pupils. I had a diclofenac patch on my sore arm, she wanted one; Gary was talking to a guy who had been panhandling by the interstate, and he was an interesting guy who was headed somewhere north. Ya can’t make this up. Tomorrow off to Council Grove, Kansas. Mileage total 1750.

alta 20110711 00227



  1. this stuff is better than the casey anthony trial……

  2. this stuff is better than the casey anthony trial….xsil

    • ops, I sent it twice. silly me. xsil

  3. Ya, like a bad reality show….lol!

  4. Where’s the picture we all want to see? I would lock my door tonight.
    Pleasant dreams. Spade

  5. Too funny! What kind of patch?

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