Posted by: nierluap | July 10, 2011


Deja vu all over again. On arrival in Hutchinson temp was 110, again. Leaving Larned after 7 a.m. I was pretty nervous. The beginning of the ride had 58 miles without services which was of great concern in light of the heat, wind and possible rain. So I started with 92 ounces of water, 64 ounces of Gatorade, an orange, a snickers marathon bar, tuna fish and just hoping to get through the 58 miles before 2 pm. Lo and behold I was treated to a westerly to southwesterly wind, along with cloudy skies, and quickly remembered what it was like to have the breeze at my back. Twice as fast as riding into the wind with 1/2 the effort. I was through the 58 miles around 12:15, except it turned out to be 63 miles without any services. I rode on a not well travelled road, about one car every 10 minutes, through a national wildlife refuge AND no trucks! Lunch in the small town of Nickerson, home to an exotic wildlife park with zebras, camels, ostrich and more that one could easily see from the road. Leaving the cafe after lunch the sun was shining and the roads were putting off unbelievable heat, my bicycle computer temperature was close 130 degrees. 16 more miles to the Days Inn. All in all I consumed >200 ounces of fluids. No new exciting people today, just survival. After dinner I did receive a telephone call from the former Linda Swankler from Riverside, who now lives in Wichita, Kansas and has been following me on my blog. As I will be only 50 miles from Wichita tomorrow evening I may see her tomorrow and catch up. Mileage today 79 miles, trip total 1700.



  1. Wow!!! Glad you stayed hydrated!

  2. We would all love to see more photos of our hard core biker boy. See if the locals can snap your punim[face] more often. What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. Wish I could do a wind dance for you.

  3. agree about the pictures!! and wish SPOT were working…hope the wind is at your back and you find a great pool tonight.

  4. Seems like yesterday was quite a day with all the heat but hopefully you got through it ok. 1700 Miles…How many more to go do you think? When do you think you will be in Indiana and you mentioned something about some of your friends meeting at French Lick? Allan and Arline

  5. Was 88 degrees in Erie, PA yesterday and my husband and I decided it was too hot for a bike ride. After reading your blog I feel like a real wuss! You’re amazing!

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