Posted by: nierluap | July 9, 2011


Dateline Larned. Hot hot and hotter. Temps today about 110, factor in the heat from the asphalt road and it was beautiful day. Throw in the fact that every convenience store between Ness City and Larned, 65 miles, was out of business, a decent restaurant halfway through, a garden hose from the liquor store and the national historic site- Fort Larned with cold pop and cold water and i was saved me on this day. Yes the wind was blowing, until 3 pm when the Lord was benevolent and calmed the winds making the ride survivable. Fortunately I met 3 really nice people from Kansas City and spent some time with them, parting ways after lunch as they went north ( with the wind) while I went south to Larned. However I was discussing my route and that I was going to French Lick, Indiana to met Mike, Nancy and Ray and they made some wonderful suggestions on my route which I will modify based on their expertise. Next couple days will be the same, but then I will alter the route. Arriving in Larned, found a great hotel ($40) and dinner at Pizza Hut, as the only local restaurant had a busted air conditioner. So for $6.99 I had spaghetti with marinara sauce, salad bar, garlic bread and a cold beverage. Yep the price was right.



  1. yipee for you………another adventure under your belt…so to speak! May you have the most pleasurable from this day forward to guide you on your journey! Many blessings and love ❤

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