Posted by: nierluap | July 8, 2011


forrester 20110708 00210

So much for believing the prevailing wind is from the west, when in fact in this part of Kansas. That ain’t so. Prevailing wind is from SE, why??? The 1st part of the ride was crosswind and then look out 35 miles into the 20 mph wind, *%#^*. Without a doubt riding into the wind is the #1 worst thing for a bicyclist. I would rather climb a mountain, for sure. Not much exciting today, other than the road from Leoti was 60 miles dead straight before 2 turns and straight again, to Ness City, no not Elliot Ness. Laundromat, dinner, 2 Coors beers, and the Tigers Royals game on TV. Today’s ride was 80 miles, bringing the total to 1555. Tomorrow supposed to be windy again so only slight more than 50 as I head to Larned, Kansas. The tree in the picture permanently leaning because of the persistent southerly wind.

north roscoe 20110708 00209


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