Posted by: nierluap | July 7, 2011


leoti 20110707 00204

As Dick Vitale would say Kansas baby, Kansas. Finally reached it today. Incredibly demanding day. I rode 80 miles to Leoti, Ks, all but the 1st 14 miles into the wind. Yep a mainly east wind, what’s up with that? Nothing too exciting until I crossed into Kansas and got to the White Woman Creek. After almost 8 hrs I arrived here, now on Central Time, imagine that 1500+ miles from home and only one hr difference. Staying at the only game in town, the Hi-Plains Motel, where the owner was kind enough to discount room 20%, and it comes with a hot breakfast. As I was walking back from Charlies restaurant, in need of some dessert I saw the local Dairy King. It was 810 pm, and the owner was getting in his car. He was kind enough to come back, we talk a minute, told him I was still on mountain time so he opened the store, made me a chocolate sundae and
then said IT’S ON ME! Maybe he didn’t want to mess with the register but he could have just pocketed the $$. Think that would have happened at home? Tomorrow off to Ness City, 80 miles. Please no east wind. Total to date 1475.



  1. What size chocolate sundae? I hope XL.
    Are you half way home? Spade

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