Posted by: nierluap | July 6, 2011


Everyday when I leave I wonder what will the day bring. Breakfast of pancakes at coffee and a conversation with the owner who used to live in Steamboat Springs, about the debacle of Casey Anthony trial, and it evolved into some good stuff. Next stop the Cafe in Sugar City CO, where the hospitable owner asked me to sign the cyclist book and proceeded to tell me about a rude cyclist yesterday and showed me what he wrote about her personally. He left his email and I wanted to take it and write him. Amazingly nasty, yes he was from NYC. The rest of the day to Eads was through countryside with an occasional cow, a rare tree and the common denominator unused railroad tracks and down power lines; nothing else. Arriving in Eads it was clearly a decent place, population 750. After a visit to the library, post office, local art gallery where I did buy something, the community swimming pool, hospital and finally to the grocery store to get some supplies for the ride tomorrow. While there I asked a woman if she ever tried the chicken burrito (possible breakfast) and she tells me “No, I keep KOSHER” totally blown away I said to her, what is a Jewish person doing in this town. We had a nice conversation, she invited me to her home for a kosher dairy meal, and to meet her family. It turns out she and her husband are both family practice docs and moved there 1 year ago. Two kids age 14 and 11 who attend synagogue in Pueblo, 2 hrs away from Eads. We had a great dinner, home grown vegetables, brown rice with vegetable curry sauce, cottage cheese salad, cherries and Cole slaw. A little ice cream for dessert and pleasant conversation.( Are you listening to that meal Jeffrey?) It turns out they both went to Michigan State Med School. Can you imagine, a Jewish Family living in Eads where the total population is less than 1300 people. I just love this trip.



  1. I can’t believe this trip you are having. I am so envious of your experiences. This is the best post yet!

  2. What a nice family! You are really meeting some great people along the way with I’m sure some great stories to share!

  3. Now that”s what I am talking about. Brown Rice, MSU grads, observant Jews, all in the same minuscule town. Where is this exactly? I want to spend a week long vacation there. Great STORY! Spade

  4. THIS is what this ride is all about….yes, raising $ and awareness…but also meeting surprising people in small towns…keep ’em coming! Love that you are doing this. I wake up every morning anxious to hear about your day! (and I ‘ll keep trying to call!)

  5. I agree with Lisa, but what an adventure!!!! America, I am telling you have a book coming out when you return, I’ll buy it. can’t wait to buy you dinner when you return. continue to be safe.

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