Posted by: nierluap | July 5, 2011

July 5

Leaving Pueblo to the realization that the great plains are ahead was just a bit surreal after many days in the mountains. After 20 miles the road turns away from highway 50 onto what is known for next 130 miles as the Prairie Horizon Trail, from Boone CO to the Kansas border. I learned about this in the only store in Boone where I also ran into 4 cyclists who began westward in Williamsburg, several weeks ago. There is even a pamphlet about the trail that tells where services are along the road. This was a sign of the most bicyclists friendly road to date. I stopped in 3 places along the way and each had a cyclist guestbook they want you to sign. The road has great shoulder with part being paved with incredibly smooth asphalt. Lunch was had at Uncle Billy’s in Olney Springs. If you have ever seen Man vs Food this restaurant has a Belly Buster Board, that you can get on if you choose to eat a 5pm burger or 10 enormously hot winGs. I chose the pulled pork sandwich and yes fries. While in there several well dressed people came in, all but one worked in 1 of 2 prisons within 7 miles. That one exception turned out to be a criminal defense lawyer from Denver. All this in a town of less than 200 people. I put a picture on Facebook of the restaurant. Off I went to complete my ride for the day in Ordway and am staying at the Hotel Ordway (see photo). At the local restaurants only dinner available was burgers, chicken fried steak or grilled cheese, yes BBQ also. However the award for the best shower on the trip goes to the Hotel Ordway. The kind of shower that comes straight down on your head with great pressure. Tomorrow will bring an early start and depending on wind maybe into Kanasa. Only 53 miles today, storming as I write.



  1. Watch those Kansas and misssouri storms….they are nothing like what you get in Virginia. At least your legs will get a break from the hills….keep it up! Awesome!

  2. What a great newsy post – get the feeling we’re right there with you. French Lick looms. Xo Nanci

  3. Have your blood drawn in the next town. Your cholesterol concerns me. Where are the vegetables out West? Spade

    You can view Barry’s funeral service on Ira if you like. It’s on video.

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