Posted by: nierluap | July 4, 2011

July 4th

Where to begin? My day started slowly, but on a good note. A short bike ride to the Pueblo Best Buy where I was able to find an IPad power cord, to replace the one I left in Salida. Next was lunch at the local Starbucks, the 1st one since Phoenix. Just a relaxing afternoon, jacuzzi and TV. Then the fun began. 4th of July in downtown Pueblo on the Riverwalk. They had music from 3pm on culminating with their symphony orchestra in a grassy amphitheater. By 8 o’clock the was probably 20.000 people listening to a traditional 4th performance. Patriotic music, Irving Berlin, John Williams, Over the Rainbow and a guest performance by Michael Murphy doing his biggest hit Wildfire. Then a fireworks show very fitting, not like Washington but good. Oh yeah I forgot to tell you there were many food booths there so my healthy dinner was a brisket sandwich and an Amber Bock. It was such an All-American night, I loved it. In fact this 4th has probably been one of my favorite, starting with the Air Force Academy Band in Salida, then the surprise in Westcliffe and today in Pueblo. How can I get Charles Kuralt’s job?? There is so much we miss by not traveling and I don’t mean to fancy schmanzy places, but just going around and keeping our eyes and ears open. Getting back to the hotel which was right across the street from the riverwalk I was welcomed back to the following. I was waiting at the front desk to pay for my breakfast tomorrow and could not help but over hear this guy in front of me. It seems his credit card was denied on check in, and during the conversation with the desk person he said he was one of the 98 people in the paper today in a story about a baptism in the Arkansas River. He gave her a credit card again and again it was denied. He said he would go to the room take a quick shower and leave. Am I nuts but is not there something messed up about a guy being so proud about being baptized, a good thing and then trying to use an invalid credit card. Ya just gotta love it. Congratulations to Steve Godfrey for getting the right answer regarding the speed. (question from yesterday) tomorrow just a short 55 to Ordway CO.



  1. Sounds like all that was missing was the American Apple Pie. Glad you enjoyed the holiday. Spade

  2. Your 4th sounded like a great experience. I’ll bet you were glad to have a relaxing afternoon. Thinking about you all the time. Saw Spade this afternoon at the Memorial Service for Barry Bremen. Love, Arline

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