Posted by: nierluap | July 3, 2011

The Real Windy City- Pueblo Colorado

Lets start with a brain teaser: If I ride 4 miles at a speed of 4 mph and then do the next 4 miles at a speed of 30 mph, what is my average speed?

I figured today would be relatively easy, 56 miles which may sound like a lot but after mile 13 or 14 it was supposed to be downhill. So I had a simple breakfast around 930 and off I went. Prior to that I had a nice conversation with Mark, the owner of the Main Street B&B in Westcliffe and some pictures with him and his wife along with Greg and Jen. The 1st 13 miles took me to about 9200 feet and then zoom a long downhill. There is a great sense of accomplishment climbing up to the top and then a bit of fear as one zooms down the mountain (like life?). The ride was to end up in Pueblo, 4700 feet, which used to sound high. Think about it, a 4500 foot drop so how tough could it be. Well once I got to the next town, Wetmore 6400 feet, I thought cool I’ll be in Pueblo in 2 short hours, 30 miles down hill… BUT the bicycle G_D had something else in mind like a 30+mph headwind for about 1/2 that distance, plus there were still some short climbs. The worst is getting something you are not expecting, whether cycling or in our own personal lives. Biking into the wind requires some mental toughness and stick with itness. But it was supposed to be an easy ride today! I got into Pueblo about 3pm, stopped for a “pop” in a convenience store, and felt like I was back home. A beautiful Jaquar automobile with screwed up wheels, hip hop blasting and no one in the car. I thought I was in Colorado, not… On I rode into “historic” downtown Pueblo to check into my hotel, Cambria Suites and at least got a $20 reduction from Jordan the desk clerk. Nice new hotel, all suites, pool, jacuzzi, bar, restaurant and was quite pleased with my choice. As tomorrow is the 4th of July I chose to spend 2 nights here not wanting to ride the 2 lane roads on a day of known public intoxication. Dinner tonight at the Shamrock Bar in downtown, and a pretty decent salmon ceasar, good beer and the realization that this town has more overweight people than any other town in Colorado I have seen. Not having spent much time in Denver maybe they do to but clearly the lower the altitude the easier it is to breath. A piece of trivia is that the newspaper in Pueblo is the oldest daily paper in the state, over 140 years old. Ride today 57 miles bringing the total to 1258.



  1. Sounds like mental toughness abounds. Those unexpected curve balls can wreak havoc on one’s psyche. Thanks for sharing your day. Mine not worth mentioning after yours. Spade

  2. Hey UP, speaking of stick to itness…your giving me inspiration as my golf game today certainly did not! LOL! Be well and Happy 4th of July as you travel across this great nation of ours! Take care and the west winds are coming!!!

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