Posted by: nierluap | July 2, 2011

Out of the Rockies!

Well I didn’t think I was going to blog today because in the town of Westcliff there is no Verizon. I’m in a bar with free wi-fi, so… I left Salida this morning, after someone from the hotel most likely took my iPod, at least it was on the bed when I went out and was gone when I returned. Anyways 46 miles later I was in the town of Westcliff population 450 and was simply blown away. 1st there was a large flea market, 2nd an antique car show, 3rd a Shakespeare festival. Additionally about 6 restaurants and bars and the only large town near is Pueblo which is 56 miles away. I met Greg and Jen, 2 teachers from Denver at the B&b yes a small b because tomorrow no breakfast as the owners have a family commitment. After some wine, Greg and Jen invited me to attend the Shakespeare Festival, and reluctantly I said yes. We stopped to pick up burgers at Chappy’s to take with us. Festival was outdoors with the backdrop of Sangre Christie mt range (I think I spelled it right. This is a long range of 14,000 foot mountains, majestic. Play was Henry IV, part 1. some actors were ok but the lead actor who played Falstaff was superb, and the other 2 main guys also excellent. Turns out they have this every year here. I guess the bike map took me here for a reason. Tomorrow I have one last climb to just over 9000 and then down to Pueblo where I will stay for the 4th. Then on to the flats of Eastern Colorado and Kansas. I expect a few big days as initially there ain’t much out there. I pray for a westerly wind. All I can say for today- an unexpected nice surprise.



  1. So glad you posted tonight…culture in spite of yourself, huh? Keep going….we’re all cheering!

  2. Trying again.
    I thought your story was going to end with finding your iPod– too bad, that sucks. How did you get your email out? Want us to send a new iPod? Oops– your iPod, not iPad, right? I can fill a new iPod with my library and send it along, so let me know.
    You wrote beautifully about Barry– captured things I’m certain he would want remembered. We hear Mel Fink is giving a eulogy on Tuesday.
    I’m disappointed to hear your description of Bad Teacher– was hoping for better.
    And you’re welcome– I enjoyed your visit lots so I never thought ‘hospitality’, just liked spending time.
    If this one goies through, I’ll write again but let’s just see…
    I’ll keep a good thought for that wwesterly wind.

  3. where art thou I pod? Even Brutus may not like the country selections on the pod? Be careful eating the local burgers young Cassius. Sounds like Westcliff has more to do in it than Detroit. Get out of Dodge and happy trailins in the flats. Enjoy your 4th our boys fought hard for the right to be free. Spade

  4. Keep up the good work Paul. Maybe Jim will ride with you for a leg.

  5. Hi Paul,

    We’re pleased that you enjoyed your visit to Westcliffe. Interestingly, it is showcased on Smithsonian Online Magazine at
    Feel free to log-on and put down your thoughts.
    We have many things for a town this size, but it would be nice to have a small college take up residency here — so if you have any connections…..:-)
    Also, the mountain range is Sange de Cristo — Spanish for the blood of Christ. Named this because at sunrise there is a red glow that comes off the mountains. It’s also the longest continuous mountain range in the world — some trivia for your next cocktail party in Aspen.
    Good luck on your adventure and be safe. Mark & Wanda

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