Posted by: nierluap | July 2, 2011

Monarch Pass Day

Lots of things going on in my head today. I have to start with my overwhelming sadness at hearing of the passing of an old friend Barry Bremen, from Detroit. Although I saw little of him once I moved to Virginia we were friends in Detroit and I saw him most recently in Las Vegas 2 years ago. However he lived a life of doing stuff that many would not, incredibly ballsy, he became a great imposter at sporting events. He once stole the warmups of Ollie Johnson an NBA player. We bet him $300 he wouldn’t go on the court of an NBA all star game, but he did. I caddied for him at a US OPEN GOLF practice round sneaking on with false credentials,and we met the great Jack Nicklaus. He did several other events, ended up on Johnny Carson and his ultimate was dressing as a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader for a Cowboys Redskin game in Dallas. He was busted… He did what so many don’t, not forever but he did it. He will be missed. In a strange way this inspired me as I mentally prepared myself for the climb up Monarch Pass, all 11,300 feet high at the continental divide. A good friend once told me “Don’t die wondering”‘ and this is one reason I am out here doing this great adventure. Barry just reinforced it. On the way up I realizes there were few trucks driving on US 50, because it was too hard for them. I also distracted myself wondering why these obnoxious little black birds kept buzzing me and never did figure it out. Back to the ride, the road was great as it was 3 lanes which was a good thing as ascending and descending I was on the scary side- looking straight off a steep edge. Upon reaching the top I met a group of 18-25 year olds doing a cross country ride from Nags Head to San Diego to raise money for habitat for humanity. Lots of nice people out here. Upon reaching Salida Colorado I checked in at the hotel and just thought I would eat Mexican AGAIN, but decided to walk to downtown old Salida and what a surprise. This is a town of 5000, but a visit to downtown showed me lots of neat old buildings and a pre July 4th concert by the Air Force Academy Band. also a raging Arkansas River runs through downtown. Wow a full day. 65 miles up to 1155.



  1. Barry had unique energy and those of us who thought we knew him believed Barry was always coming from a fun, non harmful place with never malice aforethought. I too learned from his attitude ” if you don’t go you won’t know”
    His gentle spirit will be missed. I hope you too feel ” I own this ride”. Nice climb. You like Barry should be feeling there is nothing in your way now. Keep up the great attitude. Spade

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