Posted by: nierluap | June 30, 2011

June 30

The last day of June already. I spent the day in Gunnison relaxing, walking around the town, and trying to look ahead as in a few days Eastern Colorado and Western Kansas await. With the 4th of July looming hotel rooms are a bit tight, so I did suck it up and reserve a few just to be safe. A bit of reality TV today with Judge Judy, watching her yell at the people who decide tv is the best place to solve their problems. Good thing I didn’t ride today as lots of wind, rain and cool temps. Forecsat for next two days is sunny,mild, little wind, yeah! Dinner for the 2nd night was at the Twisted Fork in Gunnison. Outstanding food and people. If you are ever here, perhaps to ski in Crested Butte, please go there. Check out the pictures of Jay(GM) and Christy on Facebook.



  1. Will you explain what your daily map looks like and how it was planned in advance. Of course you have a GPS—-Yes?
    Have a good ride. Spade

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