Posted by: nierluap | June 29, 2011


Today was tough. I left Montrose at 8:05 and 3 hrs later I had gone 18.5 miles. Almost all uphill into the wind. Seems it was an unusual wind from the east, not the west which is the prevailing wind. Very tough to ride into a 10-20 mph wind and go uphill. Last 4 of those up an 8% grade. Shortly thereafter another 8% up a 5 mile hill, culminating at 8800 feet, I started at 5700. Fortunately the last 30 miles although still into a milder wind was along the Gunnison River and reservoir. As I arrived in town my choice of hotels must include, are there restaurants in walking distance? I chose the Quality Inn and fortunately Lauren was at the desk and gave me a very nice room for $55/night. I will be staying here 2 nights as I want a rest day, because the next ride includes an 11,000 foot pass. I believe in my Telluride blog I neglected to tell y’all who I ran into. Walking down the street on Monday I saw none other than Lisa Rountree. For those who don’t know, Lisa is a crna who used to work for us before Riverside went loco. Small world. Dinner tonight was at the Twisted Fork, a new place in town that was so Colorado. Today’s ride was 63 miles bringing the total to 1191 miles. Fundraising total close to $29,000, would be great to get to 30 🙂



  1. Wind and up hill must be difficult. Nice accomplishment !! Hope it gets easier soon. Spade

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