Posted by: nierluap | June 25, 2011

Aspen Co, IR

So today I left Cortez and rode to Rico, sore thumb and all. Just about 48 miles, uphill gentle, from 6200 to 9000 feet. All along the Dolores River on a really nice road. Good rule of thumb is if a road follows a river which this did for 38 miles the upslope is never that acute for a long time. It was peaceful, nice listening to a rushing river because the rivers here are so full because of the huge snowpack that is still melting. Prior to leaving we had a great breakfast at Mr. Happy’s in Cortez, a frittata, hash browns and coffee. Lunch today was Starkist tuna on the banks of the Dolores River as I was going to eat in Stoner Co, but restaurant was closed. As I am way ahead of schedule on this ride and a very sore right thumb in need of rest especially since I am alone starting Sunday I left my bike in Telluride at none other than Easy Rider Bike shop. The owner was a typical Colorado guy, who was very hospitable about me leaving the bike there so I will return to Telluride Monday and resume. Thumb needs a rest, and my original plan had me only in Cedar City Utah, several hundred miles from here, so I am on IR for 3 days. Fortunately I rode today with my packs on the bike and it was OK. The car ride to Aspen today from Telluride was typically beautiful Colorado. Simply my favorite state and everytime I come here I understand why. Dinner tonight at Pacifica in Aspen, I just love it here. Total miles to date 962.



  1. Maybe get thumb looked at in Aspen or Teluride[civilization]?

  2. Uncle Paul,

    Its Jacob, im at your brother and bubbies house. Bubby is now walking on a cane! We read your blog today and we are hoping for a fast recovery of your thumb. Your doing a great job! I hope your all ready for Monday.

    Keep up the great work!

    Love Jacob, Bubby, Papa

  3. Wow! Ahead of schedule and in Colorado! Staying in Snowmass? Hope the thumb is okay. Taking Allison to camp bus tomorrow for the summer. Jacob up there already as a swim counselor. David leaves for teen tour Wednes. Going out west, northern route. Hope trip continues as it has so far with nice roads, scenery and people. Be well and careful!

    Barbie and the Gang from Great Neck!

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