Posted by: nierluap | June 25, 2011


1st day on IR, just a peaceful day in Aspen. Saturday street market in Aspen, food, jewelry, art, and blue sky sunshine. Did buy a set of Mikasa dishes at consignment shop, set of 12 for $48, pretty good deal for my condo. Not much to report today, just a lazy one with Linda and Nancy culminating with dinner at Takah Sushi in Aspen, my absolute favorite Japanese restaurant on the planet. Many thanks to Nancy Freedman and her derelict absentee husband Michael for putting us up for 3 nights, although my sag hag is leaving tomorrow. Tomorrow after going to airport NO plans just lazy. Monday to Telluride and Tuesday I am off IR And back on the active roster.



  1. Soak up that Colorado sunshine and fresh Colorado air for me. I agree my most beautiful place to be also.

  2. Good luck tomorrow with your thumb. Today , Detroit reminds me of Aspen. Oh you don;t think so. Push on softy. Spade

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