Posted by: nierluap | June 24, 2011

Cortez Colorado

Today was a well deserved day of rest. Somehow after getting up this morning I injured my right thumb, don’t know what I did but ice, splint, tiger balm and advil and about 50% better. So 1st off to Mesa Verde National Park, my 2nd visit there, and a tour of the cliff dwellings of the Pueblo Indians. Just another one of those things that should be on your checklist. This became a National Park in 1906 and when you see the whole thing you understand why. After that, a trip to the Sutcliffe Vineyards outside of Cortez. Hard to believe they can grow grapes in SW Colorado, but about 20 miles outside of town is this very small vineyard, that averages 2 visitors a day, yes that was us. The caretaker of the vineyard was a woman probably in her 20’s that had to be transported there from the 60’s. She gave us a wonderful tour and we then sampled about 5 different wines, as she joined in on the tasting. Grace was her name and she could not have been more gracious. The facility made you feel like you were in France or Italy as the house and courtyard were like that. Next came sorting out and deciding what I will carry on the bike, as starting Saturday I’m on my own. Tomorrow will be my 1st ride with a fully loaded bike, as I ride (50 m) to Rico Co, just outside of Telluride, 3000 feet of climbing which used to be intimidating, but now that’s chopped liver.



  1. As long as you have nothing else to do why don’t you bike over to the Ralph Lauren Ranch near Telluride. Beautiful Country. Enjoy. How much more difficult is riding with more gear now ? Spade

  2. Most impressive thing I’ve heard so far is that a 3,00 foot vetical is “chopped liver”. Better slow down–at this rate you’ll finish too early and have to go back to work.
    Bad break: Obama is proposing 2 cent/mile tax on cross country bike riders.
    Is Linda available for Sherpa duty in foreign countries?
    Keep it up! We’re all rooting for you, and luuuuuv the blog.

  3. paul sounds like you are seeing unbelievable things and your endurance is amazing…..we are cheering you on from the “D”!!!!

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