Posted by: nierluap | June 23, 2011


Well as a famous American Michael Freedman says, the hits just keep on coming. Leaving Blanding this morning with beautiful blue sky, the road was all too familiar, 15 miles of climbing from 6000 feet to about 7300 on the way to Cortez Co. This Utah morning demonstrated not rocks and canyons, but beautiful pine covered mountain slope along with the Rescue Dam Reservoir on a postcard day. After reaching Monticello Utah I took the turn to Cortez, expecting a little saner day, but instead got rolling countryside in a road with little or no services for the next 59 miles. Th 1st town in Colorado was Dove Creek, with 2 stores and ice cold Yuhoo (sp?); but it was hot as the road went on and the climbing continued to over 7500 feet I got hot, tired, thirsty. Reaching the post office in Pleasant View, which turned out to be the only building in “town” that was open, I was in desperate need of water and fortunately the Postmaster, Laverne was kind enough to fill my bottle in the post office. A little later down the road, it finally became downhill and the last 15 miles were spent cruising down. Thank you Lord!! At this point in time a few observations and questions. Observation- the best roads for cycling to this point are in descending order: Colorado, Arizona, Utah, California. The most amount of broken glass on the side of the road, descending: Arizona, California, Utah, Colorado. Question: Why is at least 50% of the broken glass green? Question: Have any of you drunk or not thrown out glass bottles while in a car, and if you answer yes why would you do so? In Cortez, a nice deal at none other than the Econolodge, a massage after arrival and a pizza with anchovies. Tomorrow brings a well needed rest day, after cycling 275 miles the last 3 days which is a bit much and a trip to Mesa Verde and probably 4 corners. 3 more days and Linda returns to Va Beach and I am truly on my own, schlepping everything myself. Today 82.5 miles for a total of 911. Averaging over 70, but that will go down with the loss of Linda.



  1. Enjoy your weather, enjoyed your comments and observations, enjoy your anchovies, enjoy your rest day, enjoy your companion while she lasts.

  2. Glad you got to do some much needed down hill coasting!! Thanks to Lavern for giving you water! You Rock!!

  3. dear Linda,



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